Faces of High Street: Studio Pilates
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Faces of High Street: Studio Pilates

Faces of High Street: Studio Pilates

Staying fit can be hard and exercising with an injury is even harder. We speak to Kim, head trainer of Studio Pilates on her restorative journey of health and fitness as she discovered amazing results through reformer pilates.


How did you start your Pilates journey?

I started my Pilates journey at a gym in Bangkok in 2001. Over the years after that, I went to many different pilates studios. It wasn’t until I went to Studio Pilates franchise head office in Brisbane when I lived up there for 4 years that I got really addicted to pilates.


You mentioned that you both felt Pilates assisted with your health, can you tell us how?

I have severe arthritis in both of my knees. I can no longer run or do lunges and squats etc without experiencing pain. I can work my muscles hard in the Studio Pilates programs without stressing my joints and further damaging the degeneration of my knees. the muscles around my joints are so much stronger helping to prevent or at least slow down further degeneration in my knees and my whole body.

After being a client at Studio Pilates for 12 months I finally convinced my husband to try pilates. He broke his neck skiing many years ago and was always seeing Chiropractors and physio’s to relieve his back and neck pain. After going to pilates on a regular basis for 6 months he no longer had neck and back pain. So it really has improved our lives immensely.

When we moved to Melbourne 18 months ago, I tried many pilates studios to find a somewhere I enjoyed going as much as I did with Studio Pilates and couldn’t so that’s when we decided to open our own.


Some people find it quite difficult to commit to an exercise regime, what is your top tip for getting motivated for a class?

When it comes to getting motivated to do a class I suggest thinking about what happens if you don’t keep moving? Our bodies start to seize up. We get muscle imbalances that pull our spine and joints our of alignment causing damage to our skeletal system. Start with the idea that you will commit to twice a week slowly building up your strength than before you know it you are starting to feel strong living with less pain and that feeling is so wonderful it becomes easier to commit. Our workouts are only 40 mins long so you are in and out before you know. The transformations I have seen in clients is so exciting. We really encourage clients to just concentrate on feeling strong not so much how you look.


We have an amazing intro offer for clients to start with us 6 classes for $60.


Visit Studio Pilates Armadale:

1113 High St, Armadale VIC 3143

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