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Floating in bliss at Water Temple

Water Temple Floatation Therapy

Water Temple in Armadale offers therapies that help and support you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, building your resilience, and reducing your stress levels. Want to know what floatation therapy is like?

Here is an excerpt from the comedian Jennifer Wong‘s first time in a float tank:

” Once seated, it’s surprisingly easy to float. I just lean back, extend my legs, place my arms by my sides, and let the saltwater do the heavy lifting. (If you get any salt water in your eyes, don’t panic – there’s a spray bottle with fresh water nearby.)

What’s remarkable is how quickly I felt as if I weighed nothing. The only part of my body I was sure still existed was my head, and that was only because it was having these thoughts. The closest I’d ever felt to this sensation of lightness before was at the end of a yoga class, when you get to lie down in relief that your exertion is over.

But an hour is a long time to float in sensory deprivation. You can break it up by having music play in the first and last 10 minutes of the hour, and by turning the lights on and off ….

But I knew it was time to go from brined skin and deep relaxation back to the world of weightedness once more, via a cold or lukewarm shower. In a world that’s mostly sink or swim, an hour of floating didn’t feel that long after all. “

Read more of the article: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2023/sep/28/my-first-time-in-a-float-tank-the-only-part-of-me-i-was-sure-still-existed-was-my-head

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