High Street Armadale
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Skincare, Designer Labels, Homewares and Everything In Between

All the best on High Street Armadale

Skincare, Designer Labels, Homewares and Everything In Between: Neredah Blake’s Guide to Shopping on High Street Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion, refreshing your skincare supply or need new homewares, Armadale’s High Street is the go-to spot. In partnership with City of Stonnington, we sit down with the Blakeaway owner to find out where she goes for all of the above.

While Blakeaway has a range for online shopping, its five bricks-and-mortar stores in Melbourne are part of the community, and Armadale is one of the best situated. “I’m very well-versed about all the amazing things in the area,” says Blake. “As we’re coming into spring and the weather’s fining up, it’s such a beautiful experience to stroll along High Street, looking at these incredible buildings, getting a coffee and going shopping.”

This is an excerpt from an article on Broadsheet by KOSA MONTEITH – read on here.

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